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Sports Teams, Clubs & Organisations

Group Workshops

Blending proven, traditional mind training methods together with a mastered approach in developing mental high performance.

Groups: Packages & Rates

Sports Teams

Group Workshops

Specialised Mental Skills Training

A custom workshop series designed specifically for sports teams, clubs, and organisations to address the absolute need for mental health support of their member base. 

Mental skills training educates athletes on mental performance strategies in areas such as but not limited to; 

  • Performance anxiety

  • Competition day jitters

  • Academic pressure

  • Consistent athletic performance

  • Social expectations/demand

  • Family/home dynamic

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Learning with retention

  • Efficient memory-recall 

  • ...and more

    Specialised mental training programs have been rolled out across a large range of sporting codes since 2022. 
    Examples; swimming, gymnastics, cricket, hockey, lacrosse, netball, triathlon, golf, surf life saving and athletics track/field.


Mental skills training was, and still is, a main talking point across all sporting codes in 2023.  Cooper Consulting group and 1-1 coaching sessions deliver the mental skills & mindset training athletes have been looking for.  In the words of an athlete recently “…you have taught us skills we didn’t even know we needed!”.  

Teams and athletes Australia wide, and now spreading across New Zealand, are choosing to prioritise mind training as a primary function of development for their athletes.  This has been received well by athletes and families, as parents/guardians are seeing positive changes not only at their chosen athletic pursuit but also improved academic performance and happier home life. 


Q1 & Q2 2024 intake is now open for new clients.  Please send your preferred method of contact by clicking 'Contact Me' below and I’ll be in touch within 48-hours.


Training plans specific for each organisation, club or team is flexible and remains individualised to the needs of the group.  Workshops address a range of topics from Mental Health to Mental Strength and resilience.  For in depth information regarind the extensive list of Modules covered in workshops, please contact me directly.

It as been an honor to work closely with clients from all over Australia - Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand.  I look forward to welcoming clients starting with Cooper Consulting in 2024 from South Australia and Singapore.


 The rising awareness toward training the mind highlights the positive impact clubs & organisations want to provide in supporting the overall well-being of their members.  Stemming from; sporting clubs, teams, coaching, administration staff, officials, committee members & parents, a surging interest is emerging from teams no longer focused largely on just the physical well-being,  but are now searching for ways to support the mental health of their members.  2020 was the year we all saw the impact of mental health and how vital maintaining this balance is.  2024 is the year your sporting clubs, teams and groups can build mental strength for the overall well-being of their athletes, staff and families.


Cooper Consulting Mental Skills Training programs are providing foundations for varied and on-going athlete improvement with no added time or energy required from coaching staff.  Coaches and clubs have a huge annual workload through session design, seasonal planning, competition development,  mentoring coaches, committee or other volunteer commitments,  plus the unspoken after hours and overtime contributions.  Coaching teams participating in training programs achieve greater knowledge and understanding of mental skills. With improved understanding of how to approach mindset training for their own athletes, coaches are able to facilitate coaches own level of mental skills training. Coaches often develop a new level of skill found to be useful for their own coaching contributions - as well as passing this education onto the next generation of club athletes and coaches.  

Helping coaches to free valuable time in their schedules to focus on coaching was a key factor in the evolution of the Cooper Consulting Mental Skills Workshops.


Organisations, clubs and teams receive compensation for individual athletes they refer that engages in 1-to-1 coaching.   

Due to the large number of coaches reaching out over the past 2-years wanting to refer athletes and their families for 1-1 mental skills training and coaching, a referral initiative has been introduced to give back to clubs.

Clubs have been able to;

  • Provide bonuses for coaches

  • Cover competition or uniform costs

  • Host events like;  camps, team trips, education workshops,  coaching clinics,  lunches & dinners, etc. 

Contact me directly to learn more regarding the compensation plan and how your club may benefit.

The opportunity to be inventive in giving back to their members is giving clubs an upper hand in both club growth and member retention.


Mental Skills Training FAQ

 Q.  How are the workshops delivered?

 A.  Workshops are delivered locally face-to-face and through the convenience of Zoom for interstate and international teams.  It is worth noting, a selection of local Victorian teams select Zoom as their preferred option for workshops as they look to remove travel time and venue cost, allowing these savings to be passed on to members. 

 Q.  How many workshops are in a series?

 A.  This is decided by the level of the group and what we agree will suit the needs of your members.  90% of teams start with a series of 6 workshops.  Program review indicates the best course of action from there.

 Q.  What is the session duration and frequency?

 A.  Workshops are intended to work around existing schedule and commitments so the duration and frequency remains as flexible as possible.

Below is an example of schedule arrangements some teams have chosen for 2023;

  >  Local Cricket Team 2023 schedule:  6 workshops  @ 1Hr  Fortnightly face-to-face 

  >  NZ Club Swim Team 2022/23 schedule:   6 workshops  @ 1Hr  Monthly over Zoom 

  >  Local Hockey Team 2023 schedule:  8 workshops @ 1.5Hrs, held weekly over Zoom

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